24K edible gold by golden innovations

Maximize the pleasure of eating gourmet chocolate.

When you eat these chocolates let them slowly melt on you tongue.
Allow the fruity flavors to unfold to experience the full pleasure of these special chocolates.
Bite into the gold to allow the flavor it has locked in to be released, then allow the chocolate to melt slowly on your toung.

Max Felchlin AG Switzerland refer to this as the aroma clock.

For example, depending on the Cacao the first impression may be of Coffee followed by a hint of plum then a stronger Cacao note follow by a lasting impression of Orange blossom, Cinnamon and Raisin. The whole experience is accompanied with a smooth creamy melting of the chocolate. These are not chocolates from mass plantation or even single plantation chocolates. They are from Cacao trees grown on family farms who are trained to grow sustainable chocolate using no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Higher prices are paid to allow the farmers to educate their children.

Why the aroma clock? Where dose it come from?

Buy buying from small family farms who form cooperatives the farmers can be trained and the methods inspected. The Cacao tree are part of mixed plantations to provide the correct balance of light, shade and free air movement to prevent many of the disease and fungus that can affect the trees. Hence eliminating the need for chemicals to combat these.

The cuttings from the fruit trees are used to produce compost to feed the Cacao trees thus enhancing the fruit aroma in the chocolate. The result is a better chocolate experience improved environment and future prospects for the farmers, but it comes at a higher cost for the finished product.

girl enjoying a gold coated gourmet chocolate

The smooth melting experience?

This comes from Conching. Felchlin explanation of Conching:- The original traditional longitudinal conche unfolds the unique Cacao aromas through hours of rubbing and airing of the mixture. This process can take up to 72 hours depending on the desired flavor profile.

The Chocolatier

Having spent so much on getting the best out of the chocolate we do not want to lose it again. For this reason, we chose to work with the best craftsmen we could find.
Clement chococult has won many World gold medals for their products. Their whole philosophy is based around getting the very best out of the very best ingredients, to produce exceptional chocolates.
The perfect partner for us.

Encasing in Gold

Having got the very best from the Cacao we now wanted to preserve it. Gold is edible and forms a great barrier against aroma that would otherwise escape to the air and with it the taste. The problem was to get a closed surface. Gold powder obviously will not achieve this and gold leaf tends to crack.
The answer is in a totally new technology developed by golden innovations. Even the most complex surfaces can be given an homogeneous gold surface imprisoning the aroma until you bite it to set it free.

The best of ingredients, the best craftsmen and the purest gold is our focus.

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