24K edible gold by golden innovations

Unique and amazing 24 K gold coated food.
Proven to be fit for consumption
What is special about our edible gold?

The evolution of edible gold

The fact that:- Laboratory Dr Böhm have tested the product with our 24K edible gold to show it is fit to eat. Link to the official translation of the report.

The fact that it is 24K gold.

24k gold is very fragile and normally another metal is added to make it easier to work with.

Our newly developed process allows us to work with pure 24 carat (999 fine) gold.
22K gold losses some of that warm gold look that gives pure gold the real look of luxury.

We do not use gold leaf or gold powder.

In both cases it is nearly impossible to get the look of solid gold our to follow complex surface.

Every grain in a kilo of sugar can be coated with our method. A task impossible with gold leaf. Gold powder is exactly that and needs to be dusted on with in most cases an adhesive, generaly it looks like powder.

grain of sugar coated with 24K gold

A single grain of sugar coated with 24K gold

Gold is an excellent barrier against diffusion.

When you go into a chocolate shop that smell that greats you are the flavors slowly being lost to the air.

Because our gold has a closed surface, not full of cracks or just loose powder, the flavor is trapped in the product waiting for you to release it by biting through the gold.

Not just chocolate can be protected in this way. We are now working on Peppers so special their flavor will be imprisoned by gold until you release it. Putting the flavor on your food instead of losing it to the air.

Once ground onto the food the aroma and flavor are released. The pepper has a spectacular sparkle.

gold coated pepper

Pepper with a protective 24K gold coating

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