24K edible gold by golden innovations

Eating Gold. The history. Health facts. Taste.

What is edible gold?

There are three reasons for putting gold on food.

What is edible gold?

Pure gold is edible it has the food additive E175.
The question perhaps should be what makes gold unsuitable for human consumption.

  • 24 Carat or 999 fine gold is perfectly safe to consume.
  • 23 carat gold is also classed as safe.
  • 22 carat is the lowest purity limit normally allowed for food products.

To add strength to gold other metals are added, the more that is added the lower the carat. 18 Carat is 75% gold and 25% other metals. The added metals are normally Silver or Copper. It is the addition of other metals the make gold unsuitable for consumption. Silver is generally used for 23 carat gold that will be added to food as silver is also safe to eat.

We only use 24 carat (999 fine) gold.

eating gold coated chocolate

Improved taste by using Edible gold

Gold as such has no taste.
Gold is a good barrier that helps retain the flavor that will otherwise be quickly lost.
New innovative technology has made it possible to get a homogeneous edible gold surface on complex shapes.
This was not possible with gold powder or leaf. This innovative technology has brought a new and beutifull dimension into the use of edible gold.
The taste is imprisoned in gold. Helping retain the original flavor longer.

Bite the gold release the taste.

Gourmet chocolate and pepper (new product launching soon) so exclusive we have captured the aroma in a prison of gold.
That enticing smell that welcomes you in a chocolate shop is the taste escaping.
We locked in the taste of these noble chocolates with a cage of edible 24 k gold, to be released the moment you bite through the edible gold surface.
Bite through the gold and then let the chocolate melt slowly on your tong and enjoy the flavors that unfold.
The sensation of coffee, plumb cacao that are released followed by a hint of orange blossom, cinnamon and raisins unfold with time to give long lasting enjoyment.
This enjoyment is termed the aroma clock and denotes the emotion of the chocolate, the example above is described as noble, passionate, authentic.

By coating the chocolate in gold we preserve this aroma to be released when you bite the gold. The same applies to Spices such as pepper.

Health and eating Gold

Gold has been used in medicine for thousands of years. It is still used in make up an various recipes that claim rejuvenating and potency improvements. The Italians served sweets with gold leaf to prevent heart disease.

The American Indians believed eating gold was the answer to leaning to fly. Please don't try it.

We make no comment on the effect gold has on health, except to say that it has no known negative effects. It has the food additive number 0f E175 and is approved for use in very high concentrations.

Edible gold as a decoration

Gold has been eaten since the ancient Egyptians and in ancient China there is evidence of this as far back as 2.000 BC. It was generally used in religious ceremonies as it was believed to be a food that could win favor with the Gods.

The modern use of gold on food dates back to the 15th of 16th Century. It was generally used to show respect bye decorating the food with gold.
Gold dust was often used on fruits and fish.
As a food decoration it was especially popular in Italy in the middle ages.

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