24K edible gold by golden innovations

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Luxurious unique 24K gold coated chocolates.


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A selection of 12 gourmet Swiss chocolates coated with 24 carat edible gold.
This selection includes Maracaibo Criolate 38% and Sao Palme 60% chocolate.
Both single plantation from plantations mixed with fruit trees to give the chocolates a long lasting fruity flavour.

€ 48,00
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This collection of three different 24 carat gold coated gourmet chocolates.

  • 3 X Sao Palme 36% milk chocolate
  • 3 x Mariacaibo Criolait 38% milk chocolate
  • 4 x Sao Palme 60% dark chocolate.

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Perfect for a wedding anniversary of other event or as a gift.
This single 24 carat gold dark or milk chocolate in a pyramid pack lends itself perfectly as a gift that guests can yet our take it with them.
Personalized with a company logo it makes a special marketing gift for exhibitions and events.

€ 355,00
Plus Delivery

Bulk box of 77 gold coated gourmet chocolate for weddings and events.
Available as either milk or plain.
Milk: Mariacaibo Criolait 38%. Plain: Sao Palme 60% dark chocolate.
Often bought to sell on in your own branded packing.

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